Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Strunal Violins

Strunal Violins
Genuine European craftmanship you can really hear.
By Harold Moore

Strunal Violins
Built by expert luthiers in the Czech mountain town of Luby, Strunal violins deliver old-world know-how and attention to detail for amazingly affordable prices. Strunal violins are precision-made with carefully selected woods and are available through Musician's Friend in a range suitable for all beginning and intermediate students of the violin.

Pedigree makes the difference
As a violin instructor of 27 years, I have been exposed to a wide variety of beginner and intermediate student instruments. Sadly, the vast majority of these have been of such poor quality that even a student with promising technique could not produce a sweet tone with them. This is discouraging for teachers like me and much more so for students.

Twenty years ago I discovered Strunal violins, and I've been recommending them ever since. Hence, when Musician's Friend approached me I was glad to write a recommendation. I believe the secret of the Strunal violins is in their heritage. Most of the Strunal luthiers are from families who have been making stringed instruments from as far back as the middle 1600s. Many of them are the cream of the crop from Luby's school of violin making, which has been training luthiers since 1908.

I was actually lucky enough to visit Luby in the late 1990s and tour the Strunal factory. The fresh mountain air and beautiful surroundings seemed to impart a refreshing sense of calm purpose in the fine craftsmen I saw working there. There was no feeling of urgency in the factory-each craftsperson took the time to do the job right.