Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Florea Alexandria PRO Outfit

Florea Alexandria PRO Outfit

Florea Alexandria PRO Outfit

Craftsmen from Romania use their superior technique to create the beautiful Alexandria step-up violin. Hand-graduated spruce top and nicely flamed maple back, sides and neck. The golden brown spirit varnish finish adds to the instruments beauty. Complete package includes deluxe ebony fingerboard, pegs, nuts, saddle, deluxe over the tailpiece chinrest, and an ebony tailpiece with 4 gold fine tuners. Shop adjusted to MENC specifications with D'Addario Pro-Arté strings and Aubert bridge. This outfit includes an oblong wood case with a deluxe burgundy plush interior and German made Brazilwood bow.

Hand Carved

The Alexandria 100 offers a step-up violin for an entry level price. A violin with spirit varnish offers a better tone because it is thinner than lacquer used on most violins. The clean, precise craftsmanship combined with hand-graduated spruce top and flamed maple gives this violin an elegant look and a superb tone.

Included Accessories

The outfit includes D'Addario Pro-Arté strings and a French Aubert bridge to enhance tone quality. Also included is a teacher's favorite: a German made brazilwood bow and rosin. The oblong wood case with a deluxe burgundy plush interior comes with a zipper pocket on the exterior for sheet music. The stylish plush interior includes a pocket for rosin and shoulder rest and two bow holders.

Romanian Craftsmanship

The violin is made in a factory located in Reghin, Romania. This region of the world has a sizable population of skilled woodworking artisans where handcrafting violins is a centuries old tradition.